SAFA Cape Winelands Standing Committees Meetings-15 May 2021

Safa Cape Winelands has 10 Regional Standing Committees which are statutory platforms that gives the power to run football in the region to the Local Football Associations (LFA’S).

These Committees are as follows:

  • Competitions,
  • Referees,
  • Security & Safety,
  • Media,
  • Technical and Dev,
  • Legal,
  • Disputes & Membership,
  • Youth Football,
  • Women Football,
  • Schools and
  • Finance & Procurement

This Committees have at least one representative per LFA and hold their meetings once per quarter with their decisions processed through the Clusters to be REC decisions.

The same decisions that are taken to the different congresses of the the region, it is this meetings that took place on the weekends of the 15 & 22 May 2021 at the Allandale Correctional Services and the 05 June 2021 at the Drakenstein Correctional Services.

90% of the Committees where well represented and their deliberations and decisions, which becomes recommendations to the REC, very concrete and if considered well and implemented and this can contribute immensely towards the successful development of our football in the region.

Some of this discussions centered around the recently completed regional strategic planning session and nothing made us more happy than to see the coordination between these forums and engagements.