Safa Cape Winelands, in collaboration with Safa Cape Town, are currently ran a hybrid CAF D License Coaches training course. The course was run by the highly regarded Coach Abbubakar Solomons.  The course commenced from 7 – 28 June 2021 and was presented to more than 40 coaches from both the the Cape Winelands and Cape Town regions which entailed an intense theoretical program which took place over 5 days a week and then the practical taking place over two days at the University of Stellenbosch.

Safa Cape Winelands is very proud to have 10 local coaches represented at this course, paying for it and affording the opportunities to our people to acquire the necessary skills so as to go back to their areas and impart that with their counterparts and football community. This to us this is the real development that we want, to see our members getting the necessary skills and knowledge to be able not only to pour back into our community in the name of development, but to also be in a position to get employment because of this.

It is our view that through these interventions, that we will be able to achieve our 2024 vision objectives but also contribute towards our socio-economic development contribution.  We are also looking at having the C License Course very soon which will enable our coaches then to also coach at higher levels of our football, we are also working with the Department of Culture and Sport to train them in other fields such as first aid and financial management