About SAFA Cape Winelands

With the dawn of the democracy in the early 1990’s and the unbanning of sport, most (if not all) codes which where segregated along racial lines amalgamated and formed single sport federations and football was no different from that, the three football bodies that existed under apartheid for blacks, coloured and whites merged and formed one federation which united football under one mother body.

The Western Cape was not different and in football the Western Province Football Association was established which housed all football structures regardless of race, colour or creed, the Western Province Football Association managed football in the whole of the region up until, the rural areas felt excluded and or disadvantaged as the playing field was not equal and development not taking place, the said areas and more especially in the then Boland area felt unfairly treated and or neglected as the concentration of football was in the Cape Metro and Tygerberg Area only.


As a result of this a task team was established in the Boland around 1996 or so where the idea of establishing its own region in the town’s of Boland, led by Paarl, Worcester, Ceres and Ashton, out if those consultations the Boland Football Association was established with full recognition rights from the then South African Football Association hereinafter referred to as SAFA, the Boland Football Association United all the towns in the Boland Region and as such, managed to establish local football structures that managed football and created competitive leagues and tournaments around the region.

These efforts where very successful and saw football not only growing in predominantly coloured areas but where rugby and cricket was the dominating sporting codes. However, around 2006 with the introduction of the new demarcations in the country, Safa National had to realign its boundaries and so came into existence the Safa Cape Winelands with its current boundaries and membership, the region spans from Stellenbosch to Ceres in the East and Ashton in the West of the region, we are having give LFAs which are Safa Breede Valley (BVLFA), Safa Drakenstein (DLFA), Safa Langeberg (LLFA), Safa Stellenbosch (STLLFA) and Safa Witzenberg (WLFA). Between these LFAs, the region has almost 40 regional and local leagues comprising of around 2550 players, both senior men and women, juniors and school sports, we also cater for the legends and or masters.