From The President’s Desk


It is now more than a year and three months since we opened this website as the window to our football in the region, a moment that we were very proud off and what a befitting time it was, as this was the period when football could not be played as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, a watershed moment that saw us losing members of our families in all the facets of our society, be it in football, in religion, politics, arts & culture and all corners of our daily lives, human kind’s existence was in real danger, but as it is always the case, we also survived this and came out of it stronger,

A lot has happened since then and it is a pity that we could not use this platform to its optimum, and share some of this with you, indeed, football has grown in our region post-covid-19 pandemic, as we could see with the promotion of the Glen Eagles Ladies FC to the Sasol Provincial League and the Promotion of Battalions FC after Maties FC back to the ABC Motsepe Provincial League, it has been an exciting moment as we fulfilled the Statutory obligation as a region by not only having regular events and activities but also hosting our constitutional meetings and obligations, since our last update of this page we had more than five congresses within prescribed timeframes and this delivered real and tangible programs for the region and its LFA’s,

At the beginning of this year we held our LFA Congresses where new leaderships were installed in line with the statutory directives, new and energized men and women were elected right from Breede Valley LFA to the Witzenberg LFA, our structures were revived and their programs re-energized, the afore-stated resulted in the Regional Congress in April 2022 which saw President Bushwana handing over the reins to his deputy in Mongezi Ndarana, a swift and seamless handing over of power from the one to the other, it was not an easy feat as is always with elections and events of this nature in big organizations but despite everything, the organization won on the day,

Safa Cape WInelands has grown tremendously not only in the region itself, but it has also recaptured its position and standing in the Province and Nationally, we are no longer regarded as just another region and or number, but we command the respect and recognition we deserves and this is all thank you to you on the playing field and men and women you have chosen in the administration and the different boardrooms, the potential and the capacity very clear to see that indeed, great things lie ahead for the region, we stand our own and in many cases, are counted amongst the best in the province,

We thank President Bushwana for leaving behind a healthly organization and a legacy that is clear for us to follow and uphold, Matshaya dedicated 16 years of his life leading this organization and region and deserve to go and rest, he took us through different times and stood the test of time, Siyabulela President Bushwana, Baie Dankie and mag God jou seen,

We are wrapping up the 2021 / 2022 season in all our competitions, a period that has been very successful, seeing for the first time all the LFA’s of the Region being represented at the highest level of our football in the region and have already commenced with the preparations of the 2022 / 2023 season, very soon we will also have our EOC where weill give report of our activities, our calender, our program but also more importantly, where the financial report and polictical reports will be dealt with,

we are optimistic for the new season and know that together we can achieve more, our focus is football development and politics aside, we can achieve this, our relationship with Cape Winelands District municipality has grown tremendously and it is thanks to the new councillord that we got at the end of the year in Councillors Koos Steyn and Dirk Swart, with them it is not about politics but to make a change to our people, to them it is not about the comforts of their offices but to be on the ground with the masses, the advances and changes they made has resulted in tangible results, but it will be disingenous of me not to mention their officials in Executive Director Pietie Williams and Senior Manager in Goodman Xawuka, thank you to you Guys, this goes for the same with President Lorenzo Arendse who is the President of Cape Winelands Sport council, his leadership in both his position as the President but also the MMC for Sport and Others in Drakenstein Muninipality has really ushered us into a new way of doing things, thank you guys to all of you including Aunty Rose Wolmarans-Daniels and her team in Andre Enslin and others at DCAS, the help and support you give us as a new administration is really helping.

Thanks to you all guys, both old and yound and together let us move forward